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Hotel by GastroID is the perfect place to choose to celebrate your wedding as we will be there to provide assistance and support before and during the event. It will be our pleasure to fulfill your wishes for the special occasion.


Hotel consists of the main hotel building where you can find our restaurant, and acoompanying facility with caffe bar, kid's playground and tennis courts, so you can choose where do you want to organize the wedding celebration. Maximum number of guests depends on the season and weather conditions, so you can place up to 50 guests in closed area of the restaurant during winter time. While, during summer when the celebration can take place in the lovely garden area next to the restaurant or in the garden next to the accompanying facility, the maximum number of guests is up to 200.


Menu will be personalized according to your wishes, and you can expect to choose between several menu's our hotel chef will propose. Also, you can choose between organizing lunch or dinner based on either self-service or meal in courses. The wedding cake can be ordered from our pastrie chef. The price of menu's per person depends on your preferences, and therefore you can expect an official estimate after consulting with our staff and chef.


As we want for the newlyweds to completely relax on their big day, we are happy to offer to all our newlyweds on night for free in the hotel apartment.


Please contact us via e-mail hotel@gastroid.ba or by phone at 033 770-600 for more information.